Monday, December 22, 2008

The Christmas That Could Have Been...

"Janee, come along, we are going to be late for work!"
Young black haired Janee was a 23 year old maid aboard the Titanic on it's eighteenth voyage. Her hands were full of last minute Christmas gifts for her family and friends in South Hampton. Sharon tapped impatiently as Janee scrambled up the gang plank.

"I'm sorry Sharon, but there was a long line at Macy's" The two young women hurried up the first class passenger plank and into the reception room. The sounds and smells of Christmas were amazing. The chefs were already hard at work roasting one hundred turkeys for the Christmas feast. Rows of sparkling crystal bowls held the fragrant cranberry jellies. The smell was sweet and poignant.The new red crystal dishes that Captain Smith had requested gleamed in the morning sun as it stretched across the room. Red and gold ribbons were everywhere as the scent of pine lingered in the room. There was a magnificent Christmas tree waiting to greet the happy passengers. It was covered with tiny golden birds and twinkling lights. The crew had hung jingle bells all around the promenade deck and the tinkling sounds could be heard everywhere. The girls took the elevator up to B deck. There, the two stepped into the foyer of the magestic Grand Staircase. Once they reached the maids quarters Janee began to lay down her packages. "Sharon look at what I got for Mother! They were having a large mark down in prices!" Janee opened a sparkling white box with the letters Macy's imprinted in gold on it. She pulled out a breathtaking evening gown.

"Janee, that is the most dazzling piece of work I have ever seen! It must have cost you the whole voyage's pay." exclaimed Sharon

Janee replied, "Oh,no, the entire store was having a fifty percent off sale! Mr. Macy greeted everyone as they walked into the store. He and Mr. Straus were also handing out candy canes to all of the children. They said they wanted everyone to have a grand Christmas. But, we better not talk about this now because we still must decorate the lounge and Grand Staircase for Christmas before the passengers arrive!"

"Well, which one do you want to do first, the lounge or the staircase?" Sharon said.

"Let's do the lounge first. I love saving the best for last. Decorating the Grand staircase is my Christmas tradition that I'll always cherish." Janee said wistfully. As the two walked into the elaborate lounge, Janee looked gleefully at the three huge boxes of Christmas decorations. "I'll do the pillars first and you can start on the dome light." She grabbed a box of tinsel and began winding it around the beautiful oak pillars.

Happily Sharon began to adorn the large chandelier. Secretly, this was her favorite thing to do. Decorating for Christmas on such a wonderful ship was always a joy for her. As they worked, Janee began singing Christmas carols. Soon both girls cheerfully sang together. In the distance the sounds of joyful Christmas passengers far below on D deck reached their ears. Yes, It would be another glorious Christmas aboard their beloved Titanic.

The story you have just read is obviously fiction. However it is also a dream that lives on in the hearts of those who loved the Titanic and all of her graceful charm.

The decisions made on April 14,1912 have effected generations of people and will no doubt continue for many years to come. What decisions are you making that will effect future generations. What decisions are you making today that will effect the rest of your life?


Anonymous said...

Excellent story, very insightful. I can tell you must love the Titanic very much. Keep writing.

E.J.L. said...

For those of us who love the Titanic, it is a beautiful thing to read a story like this.

Anonymous said...

Nice job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey wild man! Great job! Enjoyed reading your sight especialy the last few lines about decisions. Good stuff


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! Your writing is very clear a I can see in my mind's eye the story you are sharing with us! Keep writing! I would love to read more!