Thursday, October 29, 2009


August 4, 1991, four hundred vacationing people gathered on the decks on the Greek cruise liner, Oceanos to celebrate the start of their dream vacation. Little did they realize in just twelve hours, their dream vacation would turn in to a nightmare.

August 4, 1991, the Oceanos was struck by a tropical storm. However, the wind and waves were not the problem. In one of the forward water tight compartments a pipe burst allowing water to spray violently through the floor.

The captain knew of this. However, he did not warn the passengers. He and some of his crew abandoned the four hundred people who trusted him for their safety. They were left alone on the doomed ship. Just before a life boat was lowered, Julian Butler, and entertainer, arrived on deck. Angrily, he asked why no passengers were being put on the life boats. The captain turned and said, "Bring Ten!"

As the ship's bow nosed dangerously to the port side, guitarist, Moss Hills, rushed below deck to see how quickly the water was rising. He found water gushing through the main passenger areas.

Back on deck he gave the news to Julian. Quickly they began to fill the boats. However neither of them knew the precautions to take. And after lowering only a few boats the ship lurched over too far to lower anymore boats.

Quickly, Moss rushed to the bridge. He made contact with the coast guard giving their position and the time he thought they had left. A few hours later the helicopters arrived. Moss and Julian sent the passengers up as fast as they could to the safety of the waiting helicopters.

After everyone was rescued, it was time for Moss and Julian to go as well. Just as the others had been airlifted, Moss & Julian tied the ropes around themselves and were lifted to safety.

With everyone safe all eyes were on the Oceanos. Her huge hull lifted up out of the water until it was completely vertical. Everything movable inside the ship crashed towards the bow. Then with a final death moan. The Oceanos disappeared beneath the South African waves.


Joe said...

This is a great story! I have never heard this one before. I like your style of writing.

Anonymous said...

When did this happen?

Rose said...

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